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Anal Vibrators

Anal sex is becoming more mainstream however, anal pleasure devices can still be intimidating to shop for. If you are squeamish, the best anal vibrators allow you to become comfortable with anal stimulation on your own before you experience it with your partner. Anal vibrators are somewhat similar to regular vibrators ‘butt’ are specifically made for the anal area. They are designed with a flared base (to ensure they do not get stuck) and are generally 4” to 6” long and no more than 1” wide. When the anal nerve endings are stimulated, they can produce a sensation unlike any other. 

Women are often surprised by the sensation and men enjoy the pleasure devices as they rub and massage the prostate. From beginner-friendly anal vibrators to more advanced vibrating butt plugs and prostate massagers our collection is for women and men of all sexual orientations.


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