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Maintaining a healthy pelvic floor postpartum should be a priority, however as any new mother would attest, there are a ‘few’ other priorities that put these exercises on the bottom of the list. However, the sooner you can work on revitalizing your pelvic floor, the better you will feel.

Did you know that the pelvic girdle is comprised of several bones and seven joints that shift around during pregnancy and childbirth? It's not a fast process - the bones can take up to 12 months to return to pre-pregnancy position. The pelvic floor consists of the pelvic muscles, fascia, pelvic organs, connective tissue, bladder, reproductive organs, and the rectum.

The pelvic floor and girdle play an important role in postpartum recovery as they are responsible for supporting our organs and allowing us to move. There are many ways to assist in optimal postpartum pelvic floor recovery from lower core and pelvic-specific exercises, such as bridges and lunges, to targeted kegel exercises and toning.

Our collection showcases some of the most innovative and effective remedial solutions.