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LELO Luna Pleasure Beads - Deepen Pleasure + Purpose

92 reviews

Experience Pleasure and Fitness with LELO Beads - The Ultimate Pleasure/Fitness System

Combine pleasure and fitness with the revolutionary LELO Luna bead system designed for the circum vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Offering a modular alternative to traditional 'ben wa' or 'geisha-balls', LELO Beads provide increased resistance over time for a more effective workout.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient and Pleasurable Kegel Exercising: The movement-induced subtle vibrations of LELO Beads make Kegel exercising more efficient, fun, and pleasurable. Enjoy the benefits of increased muscular control, enhanced sensation, and ultra-intense orgasms through daily use.

  2. Useful for Women of All Ages: Toned PC muscles resulting from LELO Beads usage offer a range of benefits. They increase circulation to the pelvic region, enhance neuromuscular control to prevent urinary incontinence, aid in prenatal preparation, and support postpartum recovery.

  3. Tone Your Pelvic Floor: LELO Beads consist of two sets of beads, weighing 28 grams and 37 grams respectively, with a diameter of 35 mm. This variety ensures a comfortable and convenient workout that effectively strengthens the vaginal wall and PC muscles through Kegel exercises.

  4. Discreet Pelvic Floor Fitness Aids: LELO Beads can be worn during various activities such as running, walking, swimming, or even sitting. They provide an efficient PC muscle workout by triggering reflexive contractions, all while maintaining discreetness.

  5. Body Safe Materials: LELO Beads are internationally recognized and certified, adhering to the highest safety and construction standards. Made from body-safe FDA-approved materials, they are phthalate-free, featuring extra soft silicone and ABS for optimal comfort.

The LELO Luna Beads set includes two 28-gram beads, two 37-gram beads, and a composition girdle, elegantly presented in a gift box. The package also includes a user manual, a satin pouch for stylish storage, and a 1-year LELO warranty.

Experience the combined benefits of pleasure and fitness with LELO Beads. Strengthen your pelvic floor and enhance your intimate well-being while enjoying discreet and enjoyable workouts. Embrace a higher level of satisfaction and take control of your pelvic health with LELO Beads.

    • Materials: Body-safe silicone, ABS plastic
    • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate Free, Temperature Sensitive
    • 1 year warranty
    • Diameter :29 mm / 1.14 in (Mini), 35 mm / 1.3 in (Classic&Plus)
    • Number of beads: 4 (Classic&Mini), 6 (Plus)
    • Weights: (Mini&Classic) 2x28 gr / 0.06 lb
      2x37 gr / 0.08 lb
      (Plus) 2x28 gr / 0.06 lb
      2x37 gr / 0.08 lb
      2x60 gr / 0.13 lb

    As Featured In

    Pleasure Made To Measure

    Enjoy longer, stronger, more regular climaxes

    Effective Strength Training

    Variety of weight training combinations


    Worn during a variety of activities


    Consistency with minimal effort


    Premium silicone that feels warm to the touch


    The highest standard of safety and construction

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 92 reviews
    Don't do reviews
    Put the fire back into your bedroom, most amazing invention ever!

    So my wife got a set of these to help with the issues that come about after having kids. They are the most remarkable tools ever made, even better than the first wheel! I don't want to go into too much detail but your lives will change should you and or your wife choose to get them. If you want to put the spark back in your marriage you MUST HAVE THESE!

    21 Days
    These work. They are great!

    Buy these. Don't buy any others. Then go for a ride on a rough road in a pickup truck. Trust me.

    Fun to use

    I consider myself to be a budget sex toy consumer, so this was a splurge for me. But overall they have been fun to use. I was mostly looking for an easy to help strengthen my level muscles throughout the day and this seemed like a good option. Really like them so far and have had no problems

    High quality balls that stimulate your libido and help you strengthen your pelvic floor

    Before I had a baby I used the mini size and they really strengthened my pelvic floor. They are very durable as I have clumsily dropped them on my tile floor or in my sink many times and never had them break. After I had my baby I was going to order a less expensive kind, but I decided to go with these again and ordered the regular size, because my mini sized ones wouldn’t stay in anymore. I just love feeling the little ball move and I swear it helps my yoga practice too, bc it helps me engage my pelvic floor. Lelo is a great company that backs their products. It’s definitely worth spending a little extra for their products! I also had no libido breastfeeding, but these little guys have helped with that too!

    Amazon Customer

    My OB suggested these to me after giving birth, I was so skeptical because I've never tried anything like this. I'm so glad I gave them a shot. Not only do they feel amazing they have definitely returned me to my pre-pregnancy state!

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