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Joylux vSculpt Gold - Women's Midlife Pelvic Floor Toning and Intimate Care Device

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At Home Pelvic Solution

vSculpt Gold is the world’s first non-hormonal, non-invasive intimate wellness solutions that use a patented combination of low level light, gentle heat, and sonic technology to help you improve sensation, pleasure, and intimacy, all from the privacy of your home.

vSculpt Gold strengthens and tones the pelvic floor, resulting in improved bladder control and enhanced health and wellness.

vSculpt Gold is quick, effective, safe, and easy and has been designated by the FDA as a Low-Risk General Wellness Device. vSculpt Gold offers advanced technology to help women experience a better quality of life.

Benefits: vSculpt Gold was designed by an ob/gyn and team of women to improve intimate wellness. Sexual function is an important aspect in women's lives and effects the physical, emotional and social aspects. vSculpt Gold is scientifically validated and after using vSculpt Gold in a 60-day study, 95% felt improved vaginal wellness, and 89% experienced increased confidence and sensation. vSculpt Gold complements in-office options or provides a home-use option at a fraction of the cost of in-office procedures.

Directions: Getting started is easy! Be sure to charge your vFit Gold for 12-24 hours before first use then download the Joylux app to enhance your experience (optional). Joylux recommends you use a clear, water-based gel to help with insertion of the device. Apply a desired amount of gel- a dime-sized amount is a good starting point. (Joylux created the Photonic Gel for use with vFit Gold). Next, turn on your vFit Gold by pressing the power button. Choose your light mode and press the light mode button again to get started or use the app to control the device, whichever option you prefer. Then lie back, relax, and know you're improving your intimate wellness.

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