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Looking to learn more about sexual health and wellness? Welcome to our EduLibrary! Here, we've curated a rich collection of resources, books, and educational links that have profoundly influenced and guided us on our journey towards sexual health and wellness. 

Explore the wisdom of our favourite authors and delve into an array of thought-provoking books that cover a wide spectrum of topics, from comprehensive sexual education to enhancing intimacy and fostering a deeper understanding of your own body and well-being. Our carefully selected resources are designed to empower you with knowledge, promote open conversations, and encourage a healthier, more fulfilling approach towards enhanced intimate well-being.


Come As You Are
Emily Nagoski

Your Pelvic Floor
Kim Vopni

The Art of Sexual Magic
Margot Anand

The Seven Levels of Intimacy
Matthew Kelly

The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50
Joan Price

Better Than I Ever Expected - Straight Talk About Sex After 60
Joan Price

Ageless Erotica
Joan Price

A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex
Laurie Mintz

Becoming Cliterate
Laurie Mintz

Better Sex Through Mindfulness
Lori Brotto

Better Sex Through Mindfulness Workbook
Lori Brotto

Tell Me What you Want
Justin J. Lehmiller

Magnificent Sex
Peggy J. Kleinplatz

The Menopause Manifesto
Dr. Jen Gunter

Vagina Bible
Dr. Jen Gunter

Feel Sexy Again
Erica Lemke-Pembroke

Sherry A Ross

Naked At Our Age
Joan Price

She Comes First
Ian Kerner

So Tell Me About The Last Time You Had Sex
Ian Kerner

Ian Kerner




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