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We are not sexperts, but we have them in our community. We host bi-monthly seminars addressing sexual wellness, including feminine issues, hormonal changes, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, sexual pain, and more. Register for one of our sessions with expert guest hosts, including sexual therapists, pelvic floor specialists, gynaecologists, and more. To read more about our community, click here.

If you register for a session, but can't make the event, we will send you the recording.

If you have a suggestion for a topic you'd like covered, contact us at hello@intimatewellbeing.com.

October 2023

Porn for Her and an Exploration of Women's Erotica

A Seminar with Sabrina Baldini, Sex Educator & Sex Coach

When: October 5th at 7 PM (PST)

Where: Online

Cost: Free!

What does "Porn for Her" really mean to you? Let's unravel the mystery of "Ethical Porn" and ignite a conversation that might just reshape your sensuous journey. Do you indulge in the captivating world of erotica or find yourself immersed in the enticing realm of porn? It's time to get real, get curious, and get empowered!

Join the incredible Sex Coach, Sabrina Baldini, as she takes you on a whirlwind tour through the fascinating history of porn. Ever wondered what your taste in porn says about your own sexuality? Sabrina's got the inside scoop on decoding the secrets hidden in your desires. And let's not forget about the exciting rise of "Porn for Her" and the world of woman-centric erotica that's taking centre stage!

Wave goodbye to the days when mainstream porn sidelined women's stories.

Through interactive exercises and thought-provoking questions, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery that unveils your unique desires and preferences.

Seeking recommendations? Yearning for tips that cater to your individual needs? Look no further! Sabrina Baldini's got your back with an array of erotica and pornography suggestions that are tailor-made for your pleasure.

Ready to delve into a world of tantalizing knowledge, uncover hidden passions, and embrace your desires without reservation? Join us for an unforgettable exploration that's bound to leave you craving more!

Nourishing Vulva Worship

A Seminar with Serena Haines, Certified Sex Coach & Somatic Sex Educator

When: October 19th at 7 PM (PST)

Where: Online

Cost: Free!

Love me. Worship me. Touch me. See me. Acknowledge me. Listen to me. Get to know me. I really love you.

Can you hear the whispers of your vulva and sacral space? The cries of women discovering the magic within themselves are echoing loud and clear. It's time to embark on a journey of self-discovery like never before with our enchanting seminar: "Nourishing Vulva Worship."

Let's rewind: do you remember a time when you were given permission to adore, touch, and embrace your own vulva? When wise women celebrated the powerful intuition and wisdom that your vulva and womb space hold? You're not alone if those memories are missing – but fear not! Serena Haines is here to help you find your inner wisdom and voice through the transformative practice of Vulva Worship and Developing Sexual Agency.

Too many women are walking through life feeling emotionally, physically, and spiritually numb. It's time to break free from this numbness and reclaim your innate power as a vulva owner! This seminar isn't just about pleasure – it's about self-esteem, intuition, empowerment, and finding your resounding "YES" and "NO" in all aspects of life.

Join us for a transformative session where you'll learn to:

Recognize when your body is empowered versus disempowered
Understand your unique sexual anatomy
Engage in nourishing Vulva Worship for pleasure beyond imagination
Find your confident "YES" and "NO"
Develop a strong sexual agency
Boost your body confidence
Elevate your sexual communication skills
...and so much more!

Get ready for a guided journey of self-exploration as you learn, in a safe and supportive environment, how to connect with your body like never before.
Come prepared to surrender to yourself – body, mind, and spirit. This is your time to nourish, cherish, and truly worship the remarkable woman within.

November 2023

Sexual Confidence and Communication: How to Shed the Shame to Up Your Game

A Seminar with Dr. Carolin Klein, Sex Therapist & Registered Psychologist

When: November 2 at 7 PM (PST)

Where: Online

Cost: Free!

Have you ever wondered why some couples have that sizzling chemistry that seems to set their world ablaze? Or how some individuals exude an aura of self-assuredness that magnifies their pleasure in the bedroom and beyond? Well, wonder no more! Join us in the company of the incredible Dr. Carolin Klein, Registered Psychologist and Sex Therapist, as we unravel the secrets of sexual confidence and masterful communication.

It's a fact: Couples who communicate well have the key to unlocking a world of incredible intimacy. And for those who proudly own their desires, preferences, and boundaries – their sexual adventures are off the charts! Get ready to conquer the battles of shame and embarrassment that might be holding you back from soaring to new heights.

We're all about better sex, but guess what? It's so much more than that. It's about forging deeper connections, nurturing intimacy, and boosting your overall well-being. And why wouldn't you want all of that and more?

Dr. Carolin Klein is here to show you the path to sexual empowerment. She'll guide you through shedding the layers of shame, building unbreakable confidence, and equipping you with communication skills that'll light up your relationships – both inside and outside the bedroom.

This seminar isn't just a learning experience; it's a journey to embracing your most authentic self. We'll delve into the art of communicating desires and boundaries, cultivating a positive body image, and creating an atmosphere of trust and connection that's bound to set your heart and desires on fire.

Why settle for anything less than the mind-blowing pleasure and deep connection you deserve? It's time to shatter those barriers, embrace your power, and embark on a journey to better sex, greater intimacy, and a life filled with happiness and well-being.

So, are you ready to shed the shame, up your game, and ignite a fire within that's bound to light up every aspect of your life? Join us on this incredible journey of sexual confidence and communication mastery!

Finding Your Joy: A Holistic Guide to Deepening Your Masturbation Practice

A Seminar with Shauna Burns-Thomson, Registered Clinical Counsellor

When: November 23rd at 7 PM (PST)

Where: Online

Cost: Free!

Get ready to uncover a world of pleasure and empowerment with Shauna Burns-Thomson, Registered Clinical Counsellor.

Let's talk candidly about something that's long been veiled in secrecy and shame: masturbation. We're breaking the chains of stigma to dive headfirst into a conversation that's about to revolutionize your self-care routine. Join us as we explore the mental, physical, and relational benefits of embracing this liberating practice.

Shauna Burns-Thomson, our guiding light in this journey, is here to remind you that self-love is not just a phrase – it's a transformative experience waiting to be unlocked. Say goodbye to secrecy and hello to a sensational sensory journey that'll have you craving more. Ever wondered why there should be a vibrator in your medicine cabinet? Shauna's got the answers that'll leave you enlightened and electrified!

It's time to embrace a practice that's not just about pleasure, but about holistic well-being. Discover how self-care and self-discovery are intertwined, as we dive into the mental and emotional aspects that are often overlooked.

Get ready to elevate your self-care game to the next level! Learn the art of indulging in sensations that awaken your body and soul. Shauna will guide you through creating an experience that's not just about the destination – it's about savoring every step of the journey.

And guess what? Shauna's got a holiday season surprise for you! Ever thought about being the most popular Secret-Santa among your friends? Get ready to spread the joy as you share newfound knowledge and empowerment.

So, if you're ready to rewrite the narrative surrounding self-pleasure, deepen your connection with your body, and elevate your self-care routine, this seminar is your golden ticket.

January 2024

Hormone Harmony in Midlife

A Seminar with Dr. Melanie Altas, Gynaecologist and Clinical Associate Professor Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology, UBC 

When: January 18th at 7 PM (PST)

Where: Online

Cost: Free!

Hormone replacement therapy – a term that holds the promise of equilibrium during the menopausal transition. As your body adjusts to the ebb and flow of hormones, this therapeutic approach steps in to reintroduce essential female hormones, providing a respite from the rollercoaster of symptoms, such as those relentless hot flashes and vexing vaginal discomfort.

Dr. Melanie Altas brings a wealth of knowledge to illuminate the path ahead. Beyond the symptomatic relief, hormone therapy emerges as a guardian of bone health, offering protection against the risk of fractures post-menopause.

The heartbeat of this therapy lies in its tailored nature. It's not a one-size-fits-all prescription; instead, it's meticulously curated to align with your individual needs. Regular evaluation ensures that benefits persistently outweigh any potential risks, underlining the cautious approach to enhancing well-being.

Let's delve into the nuances – exploring the cornerstone types of hormone therapy. Systemic hormone therapy takes centre stage, offering a comprehensive approach through pills, patches, rings, gels, creams, or sprays – delivering a harmonious dose of estrogen throughout your system. On the other hand, low-dose vaginal preparations, available in cream, tablet, or ring form, address specific vaginal and urinary symptoms with a gentler touch.

As we journey through the layers of knowledge, remember that this seminar isn't just about understanding a medical intervention; it's about empowering yourself with information that can shape your health decisions.



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April 2023 - 5 Wellness Practices to Transform Your Sex Life with Dr. Catherine Roscoe Barr

April 2023 - Let's Talk About Vibrators with Dr. Carolin Klein

March 2023 - Sexual Wellness and Your Pelvic Floor with Nasim Delfaninejad, Registered Physiotherapist

February 2023 - The Vagina Dialogues: Everything you need know about preventing & treating vaginal dryness with Shirley Weir, from Menopausechicks.com

February 2023 - Using Your Mouth to Ignite Desire (Communication) with Dr Carolin Klein and Dr Jason Winters

January 2023 - Better Sex Through Mindfulness with Dr. Lori Brotto, PHD

January 2023 - My Vulva and Me with Dr. Melanie Altas

December 2022 - Pesky Leaks: When Incontinence Brings You Down with Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist, Cheryl Leia of Physiotiques

November 2022 - My Vulva is on Fire - But from Pain, not Desire! with Dr Carolin Klein

October 2022 - Understanding Sexual Desire. And Overcoming a Lacklustre Libido with Dr Carolin Klein

I am hoping there will be many more of these sessions coming up.
P.C., Toronto, ON
I appreciate this educational info for women. So valued...
T.V., Vancouver, BC
That was incredible, so informative, I really didn’t understand what pain is. Thank you both for having Dr Klein speak.
Anne, Vancouver, BC