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Sultry Sensations with Shauna Burns-Thomson

Introducing Shauna Burns-Thomson. 

We think of Shauna as a good friend and we hope you will, too. Think of her as your best friend who just happens to be a sex therapist and also happens to know a lot about sex toys and lubricants.

On this page, you will find her great advice about sex and reviews on her favourite toys and lubes. Come join the party of pleasure seekers for an unforgettable, joyous, and oh-so-fun journey into the world of intimate bliss.

About Shauna

Meet Shauna Burns-Thomson, MSc., Registered Clinical Counsellor—the seductive voice behind our new sultry sex toy reviews at Intimate Wellbeing. With her expertise in sex therapy and desire, Shauna uncovers the secrets of pleasure products, inviting you on an exhilarating journey of exploration.

As the founder of Fraser Valley Sex Therapy in the tantalizing Fraser Valley, BC, Shauna has devoted her career to guiding individuals and couples on their quest for heightened passion and ecstasy. Her mission is to shatter the taboos surrounding sexual desire, creating a space where sensuality and pleasure are celebrated without shame.

Shauna's Unicorn

Shauna's Wise Words

Why should investing in expanding pleasure and living your juiciest life carry more shame than having pain and stiffness in your body? Why should having lube on your nightstand be more embarrassing than a bottle of moisturizer? Why should the thought of masturbating (an act of self LOVE) be dismissed in favour of a handful of medication when it comes to pain?

As a society, we are so quick to minimize the oodles of benefits that come from caring for our sexual health. Looking at your health in a holistic context isn’t that scary—I promise! At @fraservalleysextherapist, it is imperative to me that these conversations become normalized, and happen in an authentic and natural way! Kind of like sitting around the table with a good friend—except this time you’re getting factual information that isn’t rooted in unnecessary shame!

Shauna's Sultry Sensations

Magic Wand Mini 

This is one of my all-time favourite toys that can be used by vulva and penis owners alike! The Magic Wand has been around for decades—and for good reason! Its broad head offers strong vibrations to erogenous zones and surrounding areas, meaning you’re hitting even more nerve endings than you might with a more focused tip. 

Tip: For vulva owners, try moving the tip from side to side rather than just up and down, as you’ll be able to access the many clitoral nerve endings that stem down along the labia. For penis owners, try this toy along the underside of the shaft, around the tip, and even the perineum (area between the testicals and anus) which can allow the deep vibrations to access the often-forgotten about internal portion of the shaft and prostate!


This is a wonderful addition for anyone who suffers from penetrative pain caused by deep insertion. The Oh Nut acts like a bumper along the shaft of a penis or other insertable so that depth can be controlled in a comfortable and effective way. The rings are stackable so you can customize how much of a bumper you might need in that moment, and they allow for the maintenance of pleasure on those who are wearing them. Oh Nut also carries a vibrating option that can be used in conjunction with the other rings to enhance blood flow to the area and elevate pleasure for both parties. 

Tip: Have you been curious about trying anal sex but worried about it hurting? Try adding the Oh Nut (and lots of lube—like Okanagan Joy!) as a means of easing into the experience—even if it’s “Just the tip”!

Okanagan Joy

Whether you are a client, a friend, or some random person who has fallen into this conversation with me, you’ve likely heard me say something to the effect of “It’s time we let go of the shame and stigma associated with enhancing vulva owner pleasure! Just use the damn lube!!” That’s because a good quality, body-safe lubricant can enhance sexual satisfaction in vulva owners by up to 80%!! When I found Okanagan Joy, it almost instantly replaced all of my favourite products because of how versatile it is. It’s silky, long lasting, doesn’t throw off vaginal pH, and it’s pump top allows for quick and easy access (even when you’re hands are all genital fluidy!!) Because it’s organic, food safe and water based, it’s also safe to use during oral sex and can be used on your toys.

Tip:  Start low and slow! Begin your solo or partnered play session by adding one pump of lube, and increase as needed throughout the experience to find your desired consistency (this might change based on where you are at in your cycle, how hydrated you are, what types of play you are engaging in, how dry your skin is, etc!)

We-Vibe Tease Us Couples Kits

These are a must-have if you’re looking for a fun way to spruce up date night! I love that We-Vibe has developed three varieties of these kits so that they are inclusive to varying couple dynamics. Both the Moxie and the Bond are app controlled, so you can make your partner squirm both inside and outside of the bedroom!

Tip: Always connect with your partner ahead of time to discuss boundaries and preferences for public play. Wear these toys out for dinner, to a movie, or even while one of you are away on a business trip and allow your partner to take control of your pleasure without even touching you!

Aneros Helix Syn V

When I first heard that using this toy for prostate play could allow penis-owners the ability to have multiple (full body!) orgasms without ejaculating (therefore maintaining the ability to extend play sessions!) I didn’t believe it was possible, but I was gladly proven wrong!  The addition of vibration in this model makes this a fun toy for self or partnered play as well.

Tip: Try using this toy as a fun way to amp up Edging practices! Insert into the anus (with lots of lube, of course!) and find a vibration pattern that works best for what you’re needing in that moment. When used in conjunction with masturbation or a blow job, this toy can help stimulate many nerve endings that are often forgotten about, as you orgasm time and time again for as long as you will allow yourself to keep going (you may find it helpful to adjust the vibration at various points!)