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Shy, Dry, or Bored?

We want you to experience the best sex possible - with or without a partner.

An orgasm a day is better than an apple....

As women, we are often made to believe that there is something wrong with talking about sex, wanting it, and even doing it. We are here to empower women to feel good about their sex lives. Sex affects our whole physical, emotional, and social wellbeing - so it's kinda important.

Here are some of the many health benefits of sex:

•Decreases anxiety
•Improves cardiovascular system
•Lowers blood pressure
•Improves sexual organ and bladder function
•Diminishes depression

We are just two women on a mission to help women find joy (in the bedroom.) We aren't experts and you should know that one of us didn't try a vibrator until she was 32. The other was 47. We won't tell who's who.

This is us saying, be brave, be curious, and help us kick the taboo around all things sexual or intimate.

Intimate Wellbeing is an elegant, non-intimidating site offering excellent products and most importantly a reminder to look after our intimate being.
Rae, Calgary, AB
Finally! A discerning and knowledgable online shopping website that takes women's sexual health and wellness seriously. Thank you Intimate Wellbeing.
Susan, Vancouver, BC
A topic that is so overlooked especially as we transition through seasons of life...
I think in the name of women’s uprising of power, acceptance and bravery, this is WILDLY needed!
Kiki, Grande Prairie, AB
So many women are still afraid to talk about sex, it is still taboo in so many circles.
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