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Our Mission

Our overall mission at Intimate Wellbeing is to empower women to have a whole and happy life that includes a fulfilling self-care routine and a (more than) satisfying sex life. We value being able to talk about sex as a part of overall health and wellness and want to take the taboo out of talking about products that are sexual or intimate.

We want women to have better sex lives not only because sex should be fun and joyful, but because we feel that sexual function is a key factor in women's lives and affects our physical, emotional, and social wellbeing.

Our Why
We started this venture because of a pure passion and desire to help women. 
We couldn't find a site that resonated with us - in our age and demographic (40+) - and we couldn't find a site that had the answers to the questions we were asking. We knew that there had to be other women who were seeking the same.

To help women find answers in a safe space - we created a FREE monthly seminar series. Our seminars are hosted by experts in the sexual wellness field - including gynaecologists, sex therapists, psychologists, pelvic health experts,  physiotherapists, and intimacy coaches. To join or learn more about our seminars, click here. 

Our Core Values

All things vulva, libido, intimacy, and orgasm are at the core of our business. Sexual wellness is a pillar of our overall health and well-being and we are championing a challenge to close the Orgasm Gap (men have way more orgasms - let's fix that). Expressing yourself freely, positively, and pleasurably elevates your senses. We promote self-love (yes, masturbation) as a priority - one that can be valued, nurtured, and explored endlessly. We celebrate diversity. No matter who you are or who you love, we welcome you to this community.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Intimate Wellbeing is dedicated to working in alignment with trade partners, suppliers, and industry professionals who are committed to reducing our carbon footprint in production, packaging, and shipping. We strive to source clean and cruelty-free formulas, premium pleasure devices, and holistic products. We want to deliver the highest standards of purity and transparency - for your health and the health of our planet.

It is our brand ethos and commitment to honour your privacy by delivering an exceptional customized client experience that includes respectful email confirmations, responsible packaging, and discreet credit card vendor identification and shipping labels.

Our Pledge

We are grateful for every customer. We know you all have choices - it is an honour and privilege that you chose to join us on this journey and shop with us.

We pledge to give back. We are passionate about our community and the powerful art of giving. In the near future we will be developing our own Coco and Lola product line. From every sale of our signature product we will donate a percentage to a Women's Transition House in your city or province. As we develop this, we will share the developments with you.

We value you - our Pleasure Hunters. Your joy is our business. From our founders to our exemplary customer service rockstars, our feet hit the floor each morning in pursuit of pleasure so you can take our findings back to bed with you.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter. Sign up to become a Pleasure Hunter or subscribe to our iWell Newsletter for some science, a little humour, up-to-date offerings, and many aha moments. We love connecting with our Pleasure Hunters, so please reach out.

Be well. Find Your Joy.

Coco & Lola