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Lubes & Love Oils

Whether use with your toys, your partner, or solo pleasure, lubricants are game changer when it comes to pleasure and comfort.

Choose from a water-based, silicone, or a hybrid lubricant, and slip, twist, glide and slide your way to elevated arousal, pleasure, and satisfaction.

Intimate Wellbeing has a vast collection of personal lubricants, arousal creams, relaxant, and stimulants.

Gone are the thoughts of lube shaming. A woman can be wild with desire and still not have enough natural lubrication…and even if she does, lube is an intimate game changer. It intensifies erotic touch, lessens friction between moving parts, and makes for longer lovemaking.

For sensational solo play, there are even specific masturbation creams; for vaginal dryness, there are daily moisturizing potions.

BUT every body is different - with sensitivities, preferences, and with literally thousands of lubes to choose from, it is important to make an informed decision. To learn more about which lube  is right for you click here.