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Say Yes to Joy Bundle: OK Joy Lubricant & Yes VM Vaginal Moisturizer

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The organic orgasmic bundle for the midlife woman.  

We've paired our 100% natural Okanagan Joy (100 ml) with the organic YES VM (100 ml) vaginal moisturizer. 

Unlock the secret to lasting comfort and pleasure with our meticulously curated bundle designed specifically for the discerning midlife woman. We've brought together the power of nature in two exceptional products - Okanagan Joy, a 100% natural personal lubricant, and YES VM, an organic vaginal moisturizer. It's the perfect duo to keep you feeling confident, comfortable, and ready for any intimate moment.

Why choose our bundle?

Pure and Organic Ingredients:
YES VM is a certified organic vaginal moisturizing gel, approved by the Soil Association and vegan-approved by the Vegetarian Society. It's crafted with care, using only the finest organic ingredients, such as Flax gum, Aloe vera, Locust bean gum, and more. This ensures a product that not only nourishes but also respects the delicate balance of your vaginal environment.

Okanagan Joy - A Celebration of Purity:
Our water-based, natural, and organic personal lubricant, Okanagan Joy, is a testament to our commitment to clean and joyful experiences. Say goodbye to harmful additives, as our lube is crafted with pure joy, meaning no bad ingredients. What you put on your vulva or in your vagina should be as clean as what you put in your mouth, and Okanagan Joy delivers just that.

No Compromises, Only Benefits:
A lubricant isn't just for pleasure – it's a barrier to friction, benefiting everyone involved. Whether it's for intimate moments of joy or adding a spark of fun, Okanagan Joy ensures a smooth glide. Meanwhile, YES VM keeps everything supple, with no fragrances, colour, taste, or residue. It's a long-lasting solution designed to match your body's natural environment without harmful chemicals.

Free from Concerns:
Both products are free from glycerine, glycols, estrogen, hormones, and parabens. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies, you can indulge in the pleasure without worrying about unwanted side effects.

It's time to embrace the joy of intimacy with confidence and comfort. Elevate your midlife experience with the Ultimate Midlife Bliss Bundle – because every woman deserves the best. Order now and redefine your intimate moments with Okanagan Joy and YES VM!


Customer Reviews

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Rosalie Gaudet

Say Yes to Joy Bundle: OK Joy Lubricant & Yes VM Vaginal Moisturizer

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