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At Intimate Wellbeing where we're all about breaking down the barriers and dissolving the stigma surrounding sexual wellbeing. Dive into the articles where we spill the beans on our approach, and crank up the volume on the podcasts where we get cozy with the world of intimate wellbeing.


Vine + Vibes, Vernon, BC April 11, 2024


Intimate Wellbeing aims to break the stigma on women’s masturbation and orgasms The Georgia Strait, July 17, 2023

Intimate Wellbeing Releases 'Okanagan Joy' Lube XBiz, May 2, 2023

Intimate Wellbeing Launches Revolutionary Organic Personal Lubricant, Okanagan Joy Castanet, May 2, 2023

Two women on a mission to empower midlife women to understand sexual wellness Healthy Living and Travel, April 5, 2023


pursuit:365 TALK Wednesday Interview Shelly Lynn Hughes interviews us about the background story of Intimate Wellbeing. 

The UnFairer Sex Episode - # 35 What's Good Sex with Dr. Carolin Klein. A highlight on Intimate Wellbeing being denied a booth at a wedding show. Then finishing with sexual liberation for women, this episode has something for everyone. 

The Tea with KG Episode #74.  Listen to us speak with the shining light, Kayle Grace, along with our community sex therapist, Shauna Burns-Thomson about empowering women, breaking down stigmas, and finding your joy. 

Permission for Pleasure with Cindy Scharkey - Episode #67 Sexual Reset for Midlife Women. A great conversation with Cindy Scharkey RN, BSN, who brings her 35+ years of experience as a health care professional to open the doors to healthy conversations about sex.


Sharing the Benefits of Prioritizing Intimate Self-Care for Canadian Spas Leading Spas of Canada, June 14, 2023