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Are you bored in the bedroom? Lost your libido?

If your between-the-sheets time needs a kick-start, there's exactly zero shame attached to using these products. The fact that you've landed here means you've moved beyond the outdated notion that using sex toys somehow marks you as deficient. Sex just gets better if you invite the right hardware (or lube) to the party.

(Did you know that couples who constantly explore new ways to increase pleasure are five times more likely to be happier and 12 times more likely to be sexually satisfied in their relationships.)

Check out our variety of tested-and-proven toys —combined with the our bestselling lubricant, Okanagan Joy. (We are the biggest lube advocates and don't believe sex is complete without some). 

Give your bedroom the gift of some truly mind-blowing orgasms.

Each of these bundles includes a Toy and some Joy (Okanagan Joy is our signature lubricant developed by us, for you.)


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