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Menopause Mayhem and the Clitoris

Menopause Mayhem and the Clitoris

The clitoris has many names - we have heard the Bean, Small Happy Button, Power House of Pleasure, Rosebud, Joybuzzer, Cherry Pit, Love Button, and chickpea - the names are endless, and the legacy is remarkable. This magical, female erogenous organ has the sole purpose of providing pleasure. The clitoris is the most amazing part of the woman's anatomy for most of our lives, but when we hit menopause, there can be some unwelcome challenges to achieving pleasure.

Although we all are aware of our clitoris, most of us are under the hood when it comes to understanding how it works. It’s not just the small, happy button above the top of the inner lips of the vagina; it’s a wishbone-shaped pleasure treasure that extends up to 15 centimetres into your body. The part that we see is, quite literally, the tip of the iceberg - it can increase up to 20 times the length inside.

When a woman hits adolescence, the clitoris starts to increase in size - growing to almost twice its original size by the end of puberty. By the time a woman reaches her early thirties, her clit is four times the size it was at puberty. The clitoris continues to grow until perimenopause (or sometimes til menopause), when it is, on average, approximately seven times the size it was a birth.

A woman’s clitoris is a precious gem, and its ability to experience pleasure is directly related to age, mental and physical health, and activity. When the clitoris has reached peak growth, typically when women are in their forties and fifties, orgasms are stronger than during their teens and twenties! However, as much as there is to celebrate during this midlife orgasmic evolutional party, menopause can be a definite party crasher. Estrogen levels begin to recede as the ovaries stop production, vaginal tissue becomes thinner and vaginal dryness becomes a daunting challenge. The same thinning of tissues can happen to the clitoris, which alters the sensation during sex and sometimes can lead to pain. In turn, pain may prevent many women from engaging in regular sexual activity. Unfortunately, we have to be aware of the "use-it-or-lose-it" phenomenon. If the clitoris is abandoned or used infrequently, it risks losing function altogether. Not only that, it can quite literally dry up, retreat into the body, and fuse closed (urogenital atrophy). What to do?

At Intimate Wellbeing, we are mindful of the menopause mayhem. Our sexual satisfaction does not need to expire at the stroke of menopause. We just need to plan for a new type of party - a festivity that requires a few more party favours. Here are some ideas to help keep your sexual function alive and kicking:

Pleasure devices
Desire and arousal require more effort as the estrogen begins to fade. Clitoral stimulation before the main event leads to greater sensation. Greater sensation leads to more pleasurable sex.

All sorts of magical lotions and potions
There are vaginal moisturizers, arousal serums, and stimulants that can help with dryness, pain or to get things going. We think that lube is also a game changer and that wetter is, indeed, better. The lube industry has evolved extensively in recent years, the variety is huge, and our offerings are body safe. Find your pleasure potion in our body-safe and clean collection. 

Vaginal Rejuvenation & Toning
If you need a bit more intervention to improve sensation, pleasure, and intimacy follow this link.

In the spirit of "use-it-or-lose-it", celebrate this time of your life with more time for yourself. Explore to the core - your clit will thank you.

Our mental health and sexual well-being link to our ability to cope with stress, express ourselves, and create connections. Communicating your physical needs and desires honestly and openly with your partner is a fundamental building block to your well-being and sense of happiness. So go ahead, take the risk, open up and share your desires with your lover(s).

Find your joy.