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Text image: What are the different types of sex toys?

What are the different types of sex toys? or as we like to call them, "Pleasure Products"?

There are so many different products in the sex toy market that it is hard not to feel intimidated. Once you’re acquainted with the different types of sex toys - or pleasure products, as we refer to them - life gets much easier, and sex gets much more pleasurable. Whether you are a beginner or a pleasure connoisseur, we have an array of pleasure products for both women and men.

Vibrators: Although Cleopatra was believed to have contrived some sort of natural gourd and bee combination to stimulate her genitals, a modern-day device did not hit the western market until the late 1800s. When the "vibrator" became available, it was under the guise of anything but a sexual pleasure product to avoid prosecution. Fast forward to 1956, and Sears developed and marketed their first “great-to be-alive-feeling" vibrator, soon followed by Hitachi’s Magic Wand launch.

Vibrators are equipped with a motor - some are nearly silent, but many have a signature buzz, along with various types and strengths of vibration. Some pulsate, some have airwave technology, and many now have Bluetooth ability. How to use them is pretty straightforward - vibrate on or in any of your erogenous zones, however, most are designed to be used internally for G-spot sensation or applied with varying pressure on the clitoris. Vibrators can be used solo or with a partner.

Types of Vibrators
Clitoral: Designed to be much more compact - and thus discreet. Clitoris stimulators target the clit erogenous zone for non-penetrative pleasure. (Like vibrators, some pulsate, some have airwave technology, and many now have Bluetooth ability.) Explore sensation with varying motion and pressure on the clitoris. The clit suction variety delivers a unique uplifting feeling - very much like receiving oral. They are fabulous for personal indulgence and are a game-changer for sensational foreplay.

Rabbit: Twice the pleasure! You can’t help marvel at how these are designed to stimulate the clit and penetrate the vagina simultaneously and with varying vibrations and intensities. The ultimate potential is to deliver combined climaxes. There is so much to praise about these multifunctional pleasure devices - they even enhance vaginal wall flexibility, tone, and sensation.

Bullet: These are often the first pleasure purchase. They are simple, mini vibrators intended for your clit that are discreet to carry and non-intimidating to operate.

Classic Wand: Originally, these pleasure products were multi-use devices to relieve tension and muscle ache. Hitachi released the Magic Wand in the late 1960s. Typically they have large, round heads and are intended for massage motion on or in your erogenous zones. They are larger than other vibrators, which in turn means a larger motor, resulting in intense stimulation and sensation.

Finger: These toys are generally a smaller version of the bullet and designed for simple, straightforward finger pleasure. Typically they are textured and applied like a ring for either personal or partner-inducing, internal or clit arousal.

G-Spot: These are designed strategically to contour with an upward curve and stimulate your vaginal front wall pleasure points - most notably the G-spot.

Couples: Couples vibrators are the most popular way to raise the vibrations between the sheets. They allow for new pleasure during foreplay and lovemaking. This type of sex toy comes with many mind-body benefits, including a deeper level of shared intimacy, stronger orgasms, and best of all - they are fun! They are used as both internal and clitoral stimulation for the duration of your lovemaking.

Anal: Anal sex is becoming more mainstream, however, anal pleasure devices can still be intimidating to buy. If you are squeamish, the best anal vibrators allow you to become comfortable with anal stimulation on your own before you experience it with your partner. Anal vibrators are somewhat similar to regular vibrators, ‘butt’ are specifically-made for the anal area. They are designed with a flared base (to ensure they do not get stuck) and are generally four inches to six inches long and no more than one inch wide. When the anal nerve endings are stimulated, they can produce a sensation unlike any other.

Women are often surprised by the sensation. Men also enjoy the pleasure devices as they rub and massage the prostate. From beginner-friendly anal vibrators to more advanced vibrating butt plugs and prostate massagers, our collection is for women and men of all sexual orientations.

Non-vibrating pleasure wands: Pleasure wands support you to slow down, connect, and experience self-pleasure as if you are making love to yourself. When you choose a pleasure wand, in place of highly stimulating toys such as vibrators, you will open up your body to more juiciness, pleasure, love, and fulfillment through the art of slow pleasure.

Dildos: Dildos are the oldest sex toy on the market. Upper Paleolithic art dating back 30,000 years depicts humans using dildos to pleasure themselves and others. (Sex toys were invented long before the wheel.) Usually they are made to resemble a penis. Dildos are available in plastic, wood, silicone, and glass and are powered by muscle alone.

Masturbators: For men, masturbators, or masturbation sleeves, are the perfect sex toy to insert their penis. The name is pretty self-explanatory.

Prostate Massagers: Prostate massagers offer a lot of pleasure for men. They gently stimulate the male G-spot for more arousal, better erections, and bigger orgasms.

Cock Rings: This is a popular couple's toy. Cock rings, also a self-explanatory name, allow men to achieve harder and longer-lasting erections by restricting blood flow.

We hope this helps explain the different types of sex toys (pleasure products!) available for you and guides you when making your purchases - whether it is your first sex toy or your tenth.

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