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What's Your "O" Game

What's Your "O" Game

Forget an apple a day - it’s all about the O (orgasm). Incorporating self-pleasure into your daily routine should be a priority. If an O a day is a stretch, maybe strive for three times per week. Like going to yoga, meditating, or going out for a run, making time for pleasure requires an effort - but the health benefits are vast and indisputable. (Spoiler Alert: Like yoga or various other health and wellness routines, the more mindful and attuned with your body you become, the more the body will desire.)

One of the many benefits of having an orgasm is the relaxation factor. Nearly 40 percent of women who masturbate do so to relax. The O quite literally helps put you in touch with your body. We know stress wreaks havoc with the immune system - but you can counteract the effects with an orgasm. During foreplay and arousal, your brain begins its euphoric workout with increased oxygen, vital nutrients, and a blood flow rush to many regions of your body. The brain releases serotonin to balance, ground, and dramatically increase pleasure.

A cocktail of neurosteroids, neurotransmitters, and neuropeptides release during sexual stimulation and orgasm. DHEA, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins flood your body making you feel fan-fricken-tastic!

The enhanced immunity and mood-boosting factors help to promote inner peace and a better quality of sleep. Optimal sleep patterns lend to longevity, better cognitive function, including a sharper memory, and improved metabolism. Estrogen and collagen increase, which results in diminishing wrinkles, keeping breakouts at bay, and creating a younger appearance. All these factors together equate to that O glow!

Additionally, and equally important, benefits include tissue repair lending to stronger bones, healthier, shinier hair, and pain relief - pain from menstrual cramps, arthritis, migraines, and hangovers. There are physical bonuses, too - masturbation and sex are workouts - they burn calories. The lymphatic system also gets a jolt sending white blood cells out to do their work in filtering the body’s toxins.

Women experiencing vaginal dryness could stand to benefit from regular orgasms as more blood flowing through the vaginal area results in increased lubrication to the vagina. Breasts become fuller, lips become plumper, and the pelvic floor and muscles become stronger. From head to toe, you appear better toned. If you feel great, your body language shows. A strong body, mind, and soul exude an increased body image and confidence. The happier you are within, the happier you stand to be with your partner.

And if all of the above is not enough to kick your O game into high gear, here are a few more random tidbits!
  • Improved cardiovascular system
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improved sexual organ and bladder function
  • Increased circulation
  • Decreased risk of prostate cancer and type 2 diabetes
  • Protection against endometriosis and erectile dysfunction
  • Diminished depression
  • Increased sex drive.
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