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Why We Started Intimate Wellbeing

Why We Started Intimate Wellbeing

We’re Coco and Lola - two small town, middle aged, Canadian women who are inspired to make pleasure a priority. We were at a crossroads in our lives - in between careers and marking milestone birthdays, and while both of us felt successful and satisfied with what we had accomplished in our lives up until now, we both knew that there was a meaningful part of our lives that we had missed out on. For the better part of our first half century of our lives, we had settled for the regular and often times, intermittent and bland, garden variety of routine sex - where hopes did not match the libidos.  We were oblivious to the depths and pleasures of intimate self-care, sensational sex, lovemaking and overall intimate wellbeing.

The longing for a deeper connection and intimacy within ourselves and in our new relationships was the impetus for personal growth.

We knew that we are not the only ones on such a quest.  We started this company because of a pure passion and desire to help women. Yes, we do want women to have better sex lives because sex is fun and joyful, but we also feel that sexual function is a key factor in women's lives and affects our physical, emotional and social wellbeing.

We created this site because we couldn't find a site that resonated with us - in our age and demographic (40+) - and we couldn't find a site that had the answers to the questions we were asking. We knew that there had to be other women who were seeking the same.