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Hi, we're Coco and Lola at Intimate Wellbeing. And we're here to help you find your joy.

We are a women-led, Canadian-based sexual wellness company that wants you to find the joy in loving yourself (and your partner). No matter who you are, or who you love, we want you to feel welcome in this space.

Intimate Wellbeing is here for the novice, for the shy, for the inquisitive, and for the daring. If you have ever felt ashamed of your body, if you have ever felt embarrassed to ask for what you want or need, or if you have been taught that pleasure is not a top priority, we are here to change the conversation. We are here to discuss all the feminine issues - from postpartum to perimenopause and beyond menopause; from the depths of the pelvic floor to the climax of orgasm - we want to normalize talking about sexual wellness and all the products and practices that can improve your intimacy.

We have curated a collection of sex toys (or pleasure devices as we like to call them) and intimate care products that are premium body-safe and trustworthy brands, beneficial for specific targeted needs, sensationally empowering, fun to play with, and beautiful to see. No longer do we have to hide pleasure devices underneath our socks or intimate care products at the back of the medicine cabinet because there is no shame in loving yourself.

The two of us, Coco and Lola, are an incredibly passionate duo who share a common desire: to help you find your joy. (We are two 40+ women so while you will find that the site caters to that demographic, we welcome every age, sex and gender.)

To better share our joy with our community we offer FREE sexual wellness seminars. At least once a month you can register for a talk that addresses sexual wellness, including feminine issues, hormonal changes, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, sexual pain, and more. Expert guest hosts, including sexual therapists, pelvic floor specialists, gynecologists, and more, speak to the issues that matter most. Join a seminar by clicking here or the button below.

Welcome to Intimate Wellbeing!

Coco and Lola are the names we took on when we first entered the sexual wellness space. It was a safe way for us to be anonymous and ask uncomfortable questions. We have grown so much since then! We also learned that the industry is so welcoming and non-judgemental. Today, we are more than happy to use our real names, but really have grown into our Coco and Lola personas. They are a dynamic duo!