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Vulva & Vaginal Care

Just in case you didn't know - the vulva is the outside part of a woman’s genital organs. It includes the labia minora, labia majora, clitoris, and vaginal opening. The vagina is the tube that connects your vulva with your cervix and uterus. 

Maintaining your vulvovaginal health is usually taken care of naturally by our own bodies, and soap and water, but sometimes life changes such as the natural aging process, estrogen shifts, weight gain, heavy lifting, a lack of exercise, and, of course, pregnancy and childbirth, can create issues that require a little more intervention. 

The above factors can contribute to a loss of strength in the pelvic and vaginal muscles, but there are ways to strengthen those muscles. 

If you experience pain during sex this could be from vaginal dryness, which is mainly attributed to low estrogen levels. Estrogen is responsible for keeping the walls of the vagina healthy and lubricated. With less estrogen, the walls become thinner. 

Over time (and sometimes abruptly) Mother Nature decides to decrease the release of natural lubrication in the vagina, and then the vagina becomes dryer, making sex uncomfortable. Depression, excessive stress, medications, medical conditions, and some cancer treatments can also contribute to varying degrees of dryness, which leads to itching and irritation. Left unchecked these issues can negatively impact libido, cause uncomfortable vaginal penetration, affect sexual function, and lower self-esteem.

There are some great products that can help with all these conditions. We've curated a collection of what we think are the best and most natural remedies.