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7 C's of Vibrators

7 C's of Vibrators

Were you on our seminar in April? Let's Talk About Vibrators with Dr. Carolin Klein was fun but also super informative. 

She taught the audience the 7 C's of buying a vibrator.

"1. Cut: how is the vibrator shaped? Is it shaped to target the parts of your genitals and activities that you want it to? (do you want one that stimulates the clitoris; the whole vulva; the vagina; the G-spot; the prostate/butt; both you and a partner at the same time.)

2. Carat, which refers to weight. In vibrator language, think of this as do you want a heavy-weight vibrator that really packs a punch (I.e., really intense vibrations) or do you want something less intense? Do you want direct vibrations on your skin, or do you want to try an air pulse toy?

3. Clarity, which refers to imperfections. In vibrator language, think of this as whether the product is safe for your skin or whether you have a product that has phthalates added to it or is porous, meaning bacteria can grow on it. Test it by smelling it, burning it, and look it up on dangerouslilly.com.

4. Colour. If you own multiple toys, I recommend getting toys of different colours to easily differentiate them.

5. Comfort. Do you prefer something more soft and squishy, or more firm? Smooth or with ridges? Larger or smaller to feel comfortable in/on our body?

6. Concealability. Do you need it to be small to easily hide it? Do you need it to be very quiet so others can’t hear it?

7. Cost. What is in your budget?"

Such great tips for choosing a vibrator! Thanks Dr. Klein.

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