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The Benefits of LELO Beads

The Benefits of LELO Beads

Beads in my what!? Yup! In your vagina. For pleasure!

Have you ever heard the advice “squeeze those Kegels”, “tighten your vagina!”, and “fix ALL those problems by strengthening your pelvic floor!”

DYK?! 1 in 10 people will be diagnosed with a HYPERTONIC pelvic floor? Hypertonic means TOO tight. And what happens when any of our muscles are TOO TIGHT? What happens when your shoulders, neck, back are TOO TIGHT? Pain. Limited mobility. Aching. Numbness..It does not feel good right? 

What if I told you, making your “vagina tight” can lead to the same problems?! Pain in your pelvic floor, leaking pee, pain during SEX!! 

Some of us will need to strengthen muscles to alleviate these challenges, this is true. However, some of us will have to learn how to RELAX! Yes! RELAX :) Relax and learn to enjoy the PLEASURE. 

How much do you love a good massage? Oh, that juicy moment of surrender. You can feel your body tingling and your muscles melting. Your breath slows, your heart rate relaxes, and your mind drifts off to a brilliant nothingness where every touch is the only thing that matters.

We can do this for our vaginas as well! 

Bringing blood flow and sensation to any part of the body has been proven to increase wellness. So why would a vagina/vulva be any different!?

Lelo Beads PLUS are a great way to increase blood flow, feel new sensations and relax numb or overworked muscles in the pelvic floor/vaginal muscles.

Lelo Beads PLUS come in three different sizes/weights and are meant to be used internally to increase blood flow to the vaginal muscles. With increased blood flow we will also benefit from increased sensation, increased lubrication AND increased sensitivity! Can you say JUICY!!!! 

What’s fun about the LELO Beads Plus is that when you move in any way, your motion will make the inner balls inside of the beads move. This will then prompt kinetic vibrations, leading to subtle yet pleasurable stimulation. These gentle vibrations also make these beads a perfect little tool for arousal.

And because they’re so discreet, you can enjoy these sexy treats at home, out and about, running, walking, or even while out for a bite to eat… no one will know! 

I recommend using LELO Beads PLUS in a passive way. Use them while doing gentle stretches, lying down, rotating your hips, slowly dancing and moving - really tapping into the gentle and succulent nature of your own self-seduction. 

Insert Lelo beads PLUS before or during your self-pleasure time. Let the beads roll around creating internal stimulation of the G tube, A spot, P spot and gentle cervical stimulation as you wake up your clitoris. Using all points of pleasure contact to awaken your body and your pleasure wholly. Allow your breath to lengthen and your body to melt.

With increased stimulation you may be able to find orgasmic expansion, increased lubrication and an overall feeling of “readiness” you may not feel “going in cold”. 

Let LELO Beads do their job in helping you to find as much pleasure as you deserve. Pleasure is your BIRTHRIGHT! Let us help you reclaim what is yours! 

Serena Haines, CSC,.SXI

Certified Sex and Intimacy Coach

Clinical Sexology


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