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Text image: best toys for mid-life

Best Toys for Mid-Life Women

Looking for a sex toy for your ever-changing, mid-life body?

The sex toys you have used previously may not necessarily be your best friends now. For women, our estrogen levels drop before and after menopause, which causes dryness and fewer feelings of sexual arousal. Darn it, anyway. The good news is that sex toys are amazing at changing how you experience your body and seeing the positives.

Did you know that studies show using a vibrator increases blood flow back to your vulva and vagina? And the result? Elevated pleasure and sexual wellness.

Masturbation is excellent for increasing vaginal lubrication and elasticity. And the more you masturbate, the easier it will be to have an orgasm. All the more reason to have a sex toy. But which ones are the best?

The ideal sex toy for mid-life women should be strong enough for the less sensitive vulvas, but the intensity should build slowly - not from light to "ka-pow" in two seconds.

Many of us may prefer the external vibrators of today. For years the only choice of vibrators was a phallic shape - but how many of us have an easier orgasm from external stimulation? (Everyone raises their hands.)

They should also be comfortable to hold for longer periods (in all seriousness, there is a condition called white hand syndrome where your hand goes numb from the vibrations) and slimmer for the thinning tissues of the vagina.

Some of our favourite sex toys for mid-life women are:

Lube. Not technically a toy, but definitely a game changer. For so long lube has had a stigma attached to it. Forget that. Using lubricant doesn’t mean something is wrong with you or that your partner can’t turn you on. It means you’re taking control and making things more fun.

Clitoral vibrators. As mentioned above, external stimulation is a delight. As our vaginal walls thing, wands and penetrative vibrators may just not feel as good.

Kegel balls. Keeping everything fit is super important for your midlife health. Kegel balls are like barbells for your vagina. Strengthening your vagina will help to make sex feel better.

Oh Nuts - These little guys manage and even eliminate pain during sex by allowing you to easily customize how deep penetration goes.

G-Spot Vibrators - Want the vulva and the clitoris to be stimulated at the same time? Pick one of these.

Oral-Like Pleasure Vibrators - These are lovely. Air technology creates a fluttering-sucking sensation. Nothing touches you, so they are very suited to sensitive or dry vulvas.

Massaging Handheld Vibrators - These little numbers can be used to massage your whole body - helping you find erogenous zones where you didn't know they were before.

Women of all ages and throughout all stages deserve pleasure. Whether with a partner or solo - pleasure and orgasms are essential. In fact, self-pleasure aids sleep, enhances mood, and leads to a better quality of well-being. And remember that pleasure has no age limit. That's why Intimate Wellbeing is here - to remind you of that.