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Menopause & Perimenopause


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Menopause & Perimenopause

While it is possible to experience Perimenopause before women turn 40, the average age that symptoms start occurring is in the mid-forties. This stage in life when your body is transitioning towards menopause lasts approximately four years. Weird stuff starts to happen - you might experience irregular periods (due to declining ovarian function), mood, and energy swings, brain fog, night sweats, hot flashes, joint pain, skin sensitivity, weight gain, and declining fertility. Sometimes it's hard to be a woman!

There is a silver lining in these hormonal imbalances, however. While estrogen levels start to spiral down (contributing to vaginal dryness), testosterone also fluctuates (at a slower pace). Some women experience a skyrocketing libido during perimenopause. Lucky!

While perimenopause is referred to as the transitioning time, menopause is the transformative point of a women's life. Menopause is said to begin after you haven't had a period for over 12 months. For most of us, the average age menopause hits is around 50.

While some women may be asymptomatic, most will experience at least a few symptoms. Some women will find this phase daunting and a few will even find themselves completely debilitated.

After navigating the psychological and physiological shifts - from mood and energy swings to shifting sleep patterns and body confidence - comfort and sensation are the underlying issues that the vast majority of women seek to solve. Tackling low libido means addressing the issue with a well-rounded approach. Pelvic exercises, a stronger focus on foreplay, incorporating pleasure devices (for both solo pleasure and couples), and water-based lubricants can help alleviate the stress of menopause.

Many factors affect libido. It is a complex aspect of sexual well-being. Being proactive can lead to comfort and confidence, restored intimacy, better sleep, and a renewed vitality - the evolution of your sexual narrative in life and sex beyond menopause.

Each phase of perimenopause and menopause brings new physical changes to a woman’s body. This collection offers a suite of solutions to help address the physical challenges so you can celebrate this phase of your life.