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Our 2023 Gift Guide

When it comes to a truly indulgent treat, few things say "pamper yourself" quite like a vibrator. If this suggestion catches you off guard, hold on a moment. We've witnessed firsthand the pure joy in a room full of women upon receiving a gifted vibrator. It's an unexpected yet delightful present that isn't just empowering, but it's also a considerate way to introduce your friends to a whole new world of pleasure.

Despite the progress we've made in normalizing discussions around female pleasure, buying a vibrator can still make some individuals a bit hesitant. That's entirely understandable! The world of vibrators is as diverse as the shapes and sizes of, well, you know. From suction toys to clitoral stimulators to rabbits, available at various price points, the options can seem overwhelming. But here's the kicker: whether your friend is a complete newcomer to vibrators or a seasoned sex toy aficionado, we can assure you that gifting them a vibrator this holiday season will bring nothing but sheer delight.

At Intimate Wellbeing, we believe in celebrating the joy of giving in a way that encourages exploration and empowers self-discovery. So, go ahead, surprise your friends or treat yourself with a gift that promises not just excitement but a new path to pleasure this holiday season.

Here are our top picks: