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LELO Beads Mini Subtle Vibes


Discover Pleasure and Fitness with LELO Beads Mini - The Ultimate Vaginal and Pelvic Floor Exercise System

Experience the perfect combination of pleasure and fitness with LELO Beads Mini - the ultimate pleasure and fitness system for the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Developed as a modular alternative to traditional 'ben wa' or 'geisha-balls', LELO Beads offer increased resistance over time for more effective workouts. The movement-induced subtle vibes make Kegel exercising efficient, fun, and pleasurable, leading to benefits such as increased muscular control, enhanced sensation, and ultra-intense orgasms. The Mini set includes two 28-gram beads and two 37-gram beads, each with a diameter of 29mm. Presented in an elegant gift box, it also includes a user manual, satin pouch for stylish storage, and a 1-year LELO warranty.

Key Features:

  1. Mini Kegel Exercise Set: LELO Beads Mini is the classic bead system from LELO, designed with four 29mm beads for beginners. This set promises an array of health benefits, improving circulation and muscular control for women of all ages.

  2. Useful for Women of All Ages: Toned PC muscles resulting from LELO Beads usage offer numerous benefits. They increase circulation to the pelvic region, enhance neuromuscular control to prevent urinary incontinence, aid in prenatal preparation, and support postpartum recovery. Additionally, they increase sensitivity to stimulation and facilitate easier achievement of orgasm.

  3. Tone Your Pelvic Floor: LELO Beads Mini consists of different weights of beads, ensuring a comfortable and convenient workout that effectively strengthens the vaginal wall and PC muscles through Kegel exercises. Choose the right amount of resistance and gradually build it over time for optimal results.

  4. Pelvic Floor Discreet Fitness Aids: LELO Beads Mini offer an efficient PC muscle workout when worn during various activities such as running, walking, swimming, and even sitting. These activities initiate reflexive PC muscle contractions, creating an exercise routine that can be consistently followed with minimal effort.

  5. Body Safe Materials: LELO Beads Mini are internationally recognized and certified, meeting the highest safety and construction standards. They are made from body-safe FDA-approved materials, ensuring the utmost safety and comfort. The beads are crafted from phthalate-free, extra soft silicone and ABS materials.

Achieve stronger, more intense climaxes with LELO Beads. These interchangeable weighted beads gently and discreetly swirl in response to your body's movements, providing perfect pleasure while strengthening your pelvic floor. Embrace the benefits of toned PC muscles, improved circulation, and enhanced control. Enjoy a discreet exercise routine that effortlessly integrates into your daily activities. Experience the comfort and quality of LELO Beads Mini, crafted with your pleasure and well-being in mind.

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