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Yearning to master the art of non-vibrational sensuality?

Self-pleasure with crystal wands, glass wands, and yoni eggs takes your self-care routine to a whole new sensual and holistic level.

Wands support you to slow down, connect, and experience self-pleasure as if you are making love to yourself. By choosing a pleasure wand in place of highly stimulating toys such as vibrators, you will open up your body to more juiciness, pleasure, love, and fulfillment through the art of slow pleasure.

The yoni egg is an egg-shaped semi-precious stone that when used inside the vagina, has healing properties for the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. A yoni egg is worn by a woman inside her vagina and is an amazing tool that helps tone the lower abdomen as well as the pelvic floor. In fact, using a yoni egg helps to rev up and circulate sexual energy - thus enhancing creativity, energy levels, and libido.


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